UN|HUSHED: The Elementary School Curriculum

Elementary School Curriculum

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UN|HUSHED: The Elementary School Curriculum is in the pre order stage of its development with a tentative release date of August 2019

1. An intro to age appropriate sex ed
2. Kindergarten
3. 1st
4. 2nd
5. 3rd
6. 4th
7. 5th

This curriculum is being designed to support elementary aged students from 5 - 11 as they are become increasingly aware of the world around themselves.

UN|HUSHED: The Elementary School Curriculum is available exclusively through our online portal, accessible when you are logged into your account. This allows the authors to add activities and update information as new statistics, medical information, contraception, social media, and more become relevant to the sexuality education context. As new handouts, links, and resources become available, subscribers will receive emails alerting them of these updates.

Schools, churches, teachers, facilitators, and other sexual health professionals can purchase access to the online portal for one year and then maintain access for a much lower annual fee. We also offer educator trainings and site licenses. Email us at info@unhushed.org for a quote!

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